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Cut Your Energy Costs Using the AEMC®
Power & Energy Logger Models PEL 102, 103 & 105

  • Control your consumption
  • Manage your energy cost
  • Monitor your energy usage from anywhere in the world
  • DataView software included for data storage, real-time display, analysis and
    report generation with supplied pre-defined or custom templates

The PEL 100 series is a low cost, one-, two- (split-phase) and three-phase (Y, ∆) power and energy data logger. This product is ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors doing work in the area of building and system monitoring and upgrades, as well as residential and overall energy audits. All vital energy data is easily measured, recorded, and analyzed. Reports can be generated with minimal configuration time and effort.

The instrument’s design enables it to be installed inside a load center panel (including the current sensors) and still allow the door to close on most panels. The PEL 100 series offers all the essential functions for logging power/energy data from most electrical power networks in use today across the world (17 network set-ups provided).

The PEL 100 series measure and record three voltage inputs and current inputs, Watts, VARS, VA and Energy (kWh and kVA). Power Factor (PF), Displacement Power Factor (DPF), Crest Factor, Frequency and THD are calculated and recorded as well.

Energy costs can be calculated and displayed quickly and easily by inputting the unit cost for a kilowatt hour into the software. Data is stored on a removable SD card. The included DataView software provides the ability to view data from several hundred PEL 100 series instruments on a local network or over the internet allowing the user to evaluate energy usage in a department or facility basis, a remote site, or even in a city, anywhere in the world.

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